Ten7's Ra3 Beta Replay

This is a free for all between Dubbs (Allies, light blue), ten7 (Allies, blue), Loelo (Empire, yellow), and IConquer (Empire, red). IConquer...


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This is a free for all between Dubbs (Allies, light blue), ten7 (Allies, blue), Loelo (Empire, yellow), and IConquer (Empire, red). IConquer takes down Loelo and later, ten7 defeats Dubbs. Once they have been obliterated ten7 blows up all of IConquer's base except for two refineries and a lot of units. With ten7's fully functional base, will he be able to hold off IConquer's remaining forces and crush him or will he destroy ten7 as he Loelo?

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Author's Note: Thanks to Dubbs, Loelo, and IConquer for the game. Also to CnC-Files for having the best C&C site in the world and to EA for the beta. Also, if anyone wants to make it into a movie like JohnWE did or something so that anyone can use it then feel free to do so.

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Download 'ra3_beta_replay_1.zip' (472KB)

To watch this replay simply put this folder in C:Program FilesEA GAMESRed Alert 3 Beta.

Note: it can be placed anywhere on the computer this is just where I chose to place it and I will use this for my installation example.

Next create a shortcut of the beta and place it on your desktop (or wherever you want) you will use this shortcut to watch this replay.

Right-click on it and select properties, locate the target line (it is under shortcut and is the first line you can type in), and type -replaygame "C:Program FilesEA GAMESRed Alert 3 BetaRA3 beta replay 1Last Replay.RA3Replay"
after the last quotation marks.

Note: if you change the name of the folder from RA3 beta replay 1 to anything else you must redirect the target to the correct folder so that it will find the correct files.

Example: You change RA3 beta replay 1 to RA3 beta ffa replay 1 then you should type the following in the target line after the last quotation marks (where it ends): -replaygame "C:Program FilesEA GAMESRed Alert 3 BetaRA3 beta ffa replay 1Last Replay.RA3Replay"

IMPORTANT: This requires that you have the beta installed and updated to the latest version (1.6) on your computer, so if you uninstalled the beta or didn't get it then this file will not work.

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