Tournament Redzone

Enjoy C&C3 online? Well this will surely not disappoint, being one of the best multiplayer maps I have played for C&C3 introducing wide spre...


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Enjoy C&C3 online? Well this will surely not disappoint, being one of the best multiplayer maps I have played for C&C3 introducing wide spread tactics, balanced play and start game brawls, this will keep you going!

Detail: Textures on this map hardly falls short of perfect, the terrain is excellent, the minimap is fully functional and so is the AI, it really has a redzone feel to it, with the lighting and atmosphere set perfectly to give you that eerie excitement you expect in a redzone while structures are placed well with good tactical garrison opportunities early game.

Gameplay: The tiberium layout is very much like Tournament Arena, allowing a start patch of green tiberian, a blue tiberian patch in the corner and another green tiberian patch further out, both teams have easy access to 3 of their own tiberian fields. There are two tiberium spikes in the game surrounded by garrisonable buildings; both placed on opposite sides in the middle of the map allowing for both players to rush one while defending it early game with garrisoned infantry. The direct middle of the map has an EMP tower, this becomes a mid-late game advantage providing the EMP ability plus the fact that u dominate most of the map. It is best to expand on this map, and get hold of those tiberium spikes as soon as possible because the prove most use full later on in the game.

Overall it is hard to find a problem with this map, it is perfect for online play and a worthy remake of Tournament Arena if I do say so myself. I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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Readme for ver.1.1-
Tournament Red Zone

email - DavidKysela AT seznam DOT cz

Now, once again.. I know no one reads readmes at all, but thank you for downloading this map !
:)) (getting boring, I know)

To install simply unzip the folder called "Tournament_Red_zone_ver.1.1" to this
directory (default instalation) :
C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Aplication Data\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Maps

I like the Tournament arena.. simple 1v1 map.. Its also the most played map online..
I was getting a bit bored of the "little picnic park" theme the map has.. so I decided
Ill attempt to do a Red Zone theme remake.. well.. and here it is :)

About the map - I think, everyone, that has got Command and Conquer : Tiberium Wars
knows the original map and this one is the same, the green, blue tiberium field positions
are basicly the same.. there are two tiberium spikes and the same ammount of bunkers on the
map, just like in the original..
I only added two small cities for the tiberium spikes locations, for some visual difference 
and a EMP building to the middle of the map..and I think thats all folks!
Hope youll enjoy this map.
CHeerious MrDavid.

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