W4 Battle

An Art of Defense map, this pits you and up to three other humans against massive assaults from computer forces. If you can last 25:08, you...


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An Art of Defense map, this pits you and up to three other humans against massive assaults from computer forces. If you can last 25:08, you win! If you can't, you LOSE!

This is the first AOD map I've played that has no bugs in it at all. Everything worked very smoothly. The AI probably could use a few more paths to cross the river to attack, as I beat it without problem as GDI vs. Nod.

A human has the option of being an AI controller, and can direct all of the AI controlled forces. This would make it very interesting, because the human could use actual tactics instead of thrusting all their forces to one chokepoint. Seeing a match with 1 human vs. 4 others would be awesome.

Overall, this gets my rating of approval. Some terrain isn't as beautiful as it could be, but that's a given on an AOD map. Definately fun to play.

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Download 'w4_battle_v2.0.zip' (374KB)

====Patch notes====

july 18th 2007 - fixed errors and small glitchs inside the map

====Alien Incursion v2.0 read me===

Incoming Transmission

Commander you are here by granted to deploy.

Emergency Deployment Authorized, Nod forces in the area have reached a critical level you are now authorized to use any force nessecry to destroy the invading forces.

the passcode is KANELIVES!!, Commander after you enter the passcode you have accepted the mission.

----How to Play Alien Incursion v2.0---- (series 2)

First know that there are 6 player slots

3 on the bottem
1 on the very top left and 1 on the right
and there is then one inbetwin.

--look at how to play - (includes screenshot!)

first the very top left this is the invasion selector place a brutal computer on 
this spot, then choose gdi, nod, or scrin, once you select one of the races.
and every player on the bottem is on the same team (and the guy thats inbetwin)

you can choose if you want some one controling the ai by selecting top right as your start

--How long is this map, it seems to never end?

Well, this map is 8 rounds see the round times below.

Round 0 -build up round- is 240 seconds/4 min.
Round 1-7 is 140 seconds/2 min and 40 seconds per round.
the last round is 400 seconds/6 min and 40 seconds

--- player ai controler & invasion selector

Do not place ai on the top right location (the player ai controler, i like to call it)
if you do ai will not work, i'm trying to solve this problam.

the player ai controler and invasion selector must be on the same team, (well not really
it just helps, so when the units spawn they don't attack you before there converted.)

--I found an bug!, where do i report it?

send me the report or suggestion to war450 AT gmail.com

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