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Dear C&C Generals players, Now that 1.1 and 1.2 are behind us its time to start thinking of 1.3. We've been very active watching and listening to you all and we appreciate those of you that have helped us figure out some issues. Patch 1.3 will be designed to address some of the more irritating problems we've seen. Here's a short (tentative) list below... Fix the remaining connectivity issues with firewalls/routers, etc. We got most of them last time but we at least need to provide a reliable workaround for players and at best will provide a patch to fix all the problems. (PS...I'm referring to players entering games and immediately getting the disconnect screen...sometimes games don't load for all players, etc) Fix QuickMatch as its not reliable at present. Fix the serious error problem. Make clicking on player names in the player list easier. Add a refresh button in the Custom Match lobby. Fix the "lost connection to Generals Online" issue. Make the "add a buddy" process much clearer. Fix the innaccurate number of players listed per game in the Custom Match lobby game list. Fix the dupped games in the Custom Match lobby game list. Misc other smaller issues. Again, thanks for your continued patience. The list above is our current target but it may alter depending on how it goes over the next few days. Our goal is to get it done this week. We can't promise a specific day right now but more info will be posted soon. Thanks again. -------------------- Harvard Bonin Producer Command & Conquer Generals Electronic Arts
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