14 maps (some new, some older) reviewed!

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Published by Pro-Filer 20 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
We've posted 14 (some new, some older) maps in the past 2 days, all with a mini-review, screenshots, stats, etc. Hope you folks enjoy it! ----- [b]Lord of the Three Towers[/b] Both sides have 3 Towers, which have only 2 Entrys. One direct way to the enemy and a Path. Strange is, where 2 Bunkers are. You can only reach them when you play the American side, who has Chinook Helicopters. Have you these positions you can control the Path. The town, which is in the middle of the map is the point where both parts walk through. So you can control both ways, when you have the city. The AI in this card is fantastic, too. A really good map. Players: 4 AI Enabled: Yes Oil Derricks: 2 Oil Refineries: 0 Hospitals: 0 Supply Docks: 4 Supply Piles: 0 Bunkers: 8 Civilian Buildings: Some [file="10824"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]Winter's Wrath[/b] "Small map with a river in between each base. It forks near the bottom where another piece of land contains some tech structures, tents, and towers. Great for fast-paced 2 person battles." Players: 2 Oil Derricks: 5 Oil Refineries: 1 Hospitals: 0 Supply Docks: 2 Supply Piles: 0 Bunkers: 1 Civilian Buildings: 7 [file="10848"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]Black Ice[/b] This map is an 8 player map and looks like a great 4v4 map. Everyone start around the sides of the map on elevated ground with quite alot of space. In the middles is lots and lots of trees (lol the 'Save the Trees' project ain't found this place have they, coz you'll be running down those trees withing a few seconds on the map :D). Some starting places are better off than others e.g you have more supply docks or Oil derriks are behing your behind your base. OVerall Black Ice is a good map and I would reccomend it to any one :). Players: 8 AI Enabled: NO Oil Derriks: 6 Oil Refinery's: 0 Hospitals: 0 Supply Stations: 16 Bunkers: 4 Supply piles: 0 Civilian Buildings: 0 [file="10857"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]City Battle[/b] You start on a hill, where 1 Supply Station is. In the middle there is a town (Or after one fight no more :D ) There are 3 more Supply Stations. All starting places are good. There isn't a difference. I have tested it by 2v2 and it was a fantastic match. I think it is good, when you make a non team game, too. A nice map. Players: 4 AI Enabled: No Oil Derricks: 8 Oil Refinery's: 0 Hospitals: 0 Supply Stations: 6 Supply Piles: 4 Bunkers: 0 Civilian Buildings: Many [file="10861"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]Suicide Canals[/b] Suicide Canals is a 4 player, 2v2 map, the developer says that it is meant for USA v GLA Teams but you can still play it with other teams like China. There are two main islands on the map one at the bottom left and another at the top right (facing diagnally). The two islands are connect by 2 Bridges which are parallel to one another. Although the map is a good layout, I noticed quite abit of lag (this could just be my computer, but I wouldn't bet on it), the lag seemed to be because your team member's base is right next to yours. The sand dunes have been created well and I think once I saw my Hum-Vee manage to do a little jump over a dune (or I could have just imagined it) but anyway this map is a good map overall. Players: 4 AI Enabled: YES Oil Derriks: 4 Oil Refineries: 1 Hospitals: 1 Supply Stations: 8 Supply Piles: Quite a few civilian Building: 2 Smallish Towns Bunkers: 1 [file="10862"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]Eifel Battle[/b] You have to be fast on this map. It's important to halt the village, because there are several supply depots in it. But you must be carefull. There is a Chemistry Lab in the village, so you must be carefull. By destroying this, you can kill all units in the village. A nice map. AI Enabled: No Players: 4 Oil Derricks: 5 Oil Refinery's: 1 Hospitals: 0 Supply Stations: 7 Supply Piles: Lots Bunkers: 4 Civilian Buildings: Average [file="10815"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]Mounds[/b] This map is a 6 player map, designed really for 3v3. 'Mounds' has 10 islands in total and all the islands are circular and are linked up to one another by bridges. The map is a smallish map and so the key to winning is advancing upwards or downwards (depening on where you are) quickly. The two centre islands have 6 supply docks each, so make sure you control these islands near the beginning of the game. There is only one bad thing with this map and that is the size of your starting base island, its a bit to small (especially if you want to build more than 1 Airfield). When playing a 3v3 you might have some trouble placing a SCUD Launcher or an Airfield so I would recommend that you plan out your base layout before building it all (if you only have the space for one island). Its a good map, but perhaps it would be better with some type of scenery apart from grass and water. Players: 6 AI Enabled: Yes Oil Derriks: 8 Oil Refinery's: 0 Hospitals: 0 Supply Stations: 18 Supply Piles: 0 Civilian Buildings: 0 Bunkers: 0 [file="10816"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]Corner to Corner[/b] In this map, each player starts out controlling one corner of the map. There are plenty of resources safely guarded in each corner to last for a while, but players may want to venture out in search of the additional supply docks and piles. The elevated center platform is the easiest way to get to your enemy's base, although it's possible to take a longer route around. Control of the center platform, if attained, should yield a good strategic advantage. All in all, this map looks like it would be quite fun to play 1v1 or 2v2. Try having allies positioned diagonally across from each other for a different type of gameplay. Players: 4 Oil Derricks: 16 Oil Refineries: 4 Hospitals: 0 Supply Docks: 3 Supply Piles: 17 Bunkers: 4 surrounding each player's initial resources Civilian Buildings: 1 [file="10748"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]Desolution[/b] "Each player has a hill. Each hill has 2 Supply Docks along with a hill which has 2 tents to guard their entrance. In the top right hand corner, there is a small city, in the bottom left hand corner there is a small lake surrounded by tress. Each area has a sound for the extra effect." Players: 2 Oil Derricks: 4 Oil Refineries: 0 Hospitals: 0 Supply Docks: 6 Supply Piles: 0 Bunkers: 0 Civilian Buildings: Lots in the city area and four per team in stratigic defensive locations. [file="10744"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]Tour of Solid[/b] An ok 3v3 map with lots of supply stations and oil derricks. As you can see in the 1st screenshot, there are 2 central plateaus which can only be accessed from one side only. The "mountains" contain an oil refinery surrounded by 3 oil derricks and 3 supply stations. Obviously the map should be played left vs. right. The central plateaus are connected by a wide roadbridge so that should be challenging as well. The setup of this map is good, however, there´s no finishing touch. The terrain is boring, some rocks and trees here and there, and the ridges of the plateaus are pretty much vertical making it look pretty ugly. Nonetheless this map should be good for some nice big money collecting 3v3. The map doesn´t contain any AI perimeters / paths so you can't play this in skirmish mode against a computer played :( Players: 6 AI Enabled: No Oil Derricks: 12 Oil Refinery's: 2 Hospitals: 0 Supply Stations: 14 Supply Piles: 0 Bunkers: 0 Civilian Buildings: Some high towers [file="10739"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]Deaths Doorstep[/b] A VERY NICE (at first sight) small 1v1 map by [url=http://www.cncex.com]CnC Explosion's[/url] Crazy Ivan. Lot's of attention to detail and it just gives you the idea that someone worked hard on this map, which is most likely true :) I was about to wrap things up and close CnC untill I spotted bunch of UN Crates (the one from the missions) contain a total of 15,000 $$$! Now this just makes the map completely unfair as the player who spawns top right doesn't get anything. He does have 2 oil derricks on his side of the river and more open area to build a base then the bottom right player does, but still, I can´t imagine beating anyway who gets 15k extra right at the start unless it's a real n00b :) I hope we'll see an updated version of this map without the money crates. If it wasn't for that fact, this would have been one hell of a map! Also, here's what the readme said about this map: [quote]This map is based in a abandonded soviet Serbian county, half adbandoned Nuke program has been left ,which a nuke bomb truck still remains and is a threat to the area around.There is Enough resources for a good game,and build space may be limited, so be wise commander![/quote]Nice "story" but I didn´t see a nuke truck anywhere, or did I misunderstand the readme? Players: 2 AI Enabled: No Oil Derricks: 2 Oil Refinery's: 0 Hospitals: 0 Supply Stations: 4 Supply Piles: 0 Bunkers: 0 Civilian Buildings: Quite a few! Credit for this map goes to [url=http://www.cncex.com]CnC Explosion[/url], thanks for letting us host and review! [file="10741"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]All About Oil[/b] Very nicely done map. As you can see on the first picture below it's all about a central village / oil field. A whopping 16 oil derricks are to be claimed, might it be obvious that the one that can claim them and keep them will pwn everyone :) However, there are 2 supply stations and 3 oil derricks at everyone´s base, and 2 more in between every base (check the first screenie) so you don´t necessarily have to waste all your units on capturing the center area or defending it. Some very sneaky tactic I have to suggest here :) GLA and USA should allie. Have a chinook drop a worker over the river on the enemies "lot" and build some tunnel networks and a second base. While the enemy is trying to take center, you crush their base the sneaky way :D Anyway, great map although 3 oil derricks less in each base (hence, none) and loosing the supply stations in between the bases would have made this map much more fun as it´ll make you want center much more. But for people that just love having more cash than they can spend on nuke silo´s, this is your map for sure! Awesome map for a first try :thumbsup: Players: 4 AI Enabled: Yes Oil Derricks: 28 !!! Oil Refinery's: 0 Hospitals: 0 Supply Stations: 17 Supply Piles: A lot! Bunkers: Some Civilian Buildings: All focused in the center town / oil field [file="10742"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]RR Crossing[/b] Average map with central "village" containing all 8 oil derricks in the map. What I like about this map is that you can only get to the enemy base by ground through the center of the map or through one of the 4 "valleys" surrounding the middle area, however, through those valleys runs an invincible train. So if your army off overlords marches through those valleys and the train happens to pass by, you're more than screwed :) To bad that the map doesn't have any detail, it´s plain, boring terrain but the railroad gives it an extra touch. The fact that there are also only 2 supply stations per base satisfies me as well as you'll want to really take the center oil derricks. Another bad thing about the map, in my opinion, is the 13 UN aid packages each containing $2500 in the center. This basically means that whoever gets a barracks built and sends out a unit to pick up the packages has a shitload of cash, and that can't be fair. So let's hope TeslaTrooper re-does his maps without those UN Aid packages and maybe some more detail to the map. Nonetheless, worth a try! Players: 4 AI Enabled: Yes Oil Derricks: 8 Oil Refinery's: 0 Hospitals: 0 Supply Stations: 8 Supply Piles: 0 Bunkers: 0 Civilian Buildings: A few, in the middle [file="10711"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]Great Walls[/b] Another map by Teslatrooper7, again, a nice map but with no detail. The main "theme" behind the map is that the map is split in 4 parts by a wall. In the middle there are 4 oil derricks on each side of the walls. The other base can be reached through the 2 "tunnels" in each wall. This should create some interesting stand offs and long range weaponry fighting, although Air Combat would of course be the answer. Ok map but I´ve seen much better. Atleast it does include AI pointers which more mappers should do! Also this map shows up as "Missing: Great Wall" yet it works... Players: 4 AI Enabled: Yes Oil Derricks: 4 Oil Refinery's: 0 Hospitals: 0 Supply Stations: 8 Supply Piles: 0 Bunkers: 0 Civilian Buildings: 0 [file="10712"]More Info & Download[/file]!
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