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Published by JohnWE 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Straight from the horse's mouth:
Ever wonder where the gamers you chat with about BFME2 or C&C on the forums are located? The communities for these two franchises stretches far and wide—across deserts and deep blue oceans around the world, from Japan to LA, Antarctica to Russia, and likely even somewhere in the center of Africa. (It’s true I tell ya!) I’ve always wondered just where all of the thousands of community members are located around the world, and thankfully, there is a way to find out. I’m embarking on a world-wide tour to discover how much of this Earth The Battle for Middle-earth and Command & Conquer communities have conquered. I’m betting it’s a LOT bigger than you think. Head over to my new Frappr Community Page and show us what part of the world you are in!: http://www.frappr.com/apocscommunity All you have to do is take 30 seconds to type in your information (no your address or e-mail is not exposed so no worries there). You can post a photo of yourself and essentially create your own dynamic profile about you so everyone around the world can start seeing how far, wide, and deep our community stretches. If you don’t want to post anything about yourself, just simply pinpoint where you’re located in the world. The goal here is world domination! Alright that is extreme, but, I would love to see the entire community partake in this world tour and who knows, this page could really become something amazing. You never know what may pop up on it as well, or who else might be lurking around the world in our community, mwahahahahahah.
Well, I'll give it a try. How's about you? Update:
As many of you noticed, it appears someone named Bittah Commander found a way to have my Frappr page redirect to his profile quickly. I don’t know how or why this happened so I changed my Frappr link and now it should be working just fine. http://www.frappr.com/apocscommunity This is going to be an awesome tool to see where everyone is around the world. Hopefully this time the link will stay put! I don’t know why it says there is “adult only content”, but there isn’t. Just do the quick sign-up, go back to my link, then click “turn Safe-Search” off, then edit your profile with your location and you’ll be in.
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