Battletech Generals: Liao Bunker

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Today, the Battletech General Team spotlight the Liao Bunker. As with the AA and the ground turret, it is carreid to a planet via dropship and constructed by a Construction Mech. The Liao Bunker is designed to protect friendly infantry and battlearmor, and defend against enemy infantry. It was constructed with Ferrocrete though, so it's strong enough to withstand mech attacks. When compared to the Liao Turret it does have weaker protection, however. This makes the bunker very tough to destroy with infantry. It does have weaknesses, though. Place high explosive charges in the right places, and the whole building will come crashing down. Of course, the only way you would get those explosives is through a special operations team. For more info on this mod, check out their [url=""]website[/url].
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