C&C 3 For DS?

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Published by Mr.Funsocks 14 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Could the new Command And Conquer be for Nintendo DS? Just a little while ago, a Dutch gaming-website claims that Red Alert 3 is heading for the Nintendo DS. But this "rumour" came out right before the rumour about Age of Empires heading for the Nintendo DS. Any connection to that and CnC3? According to Sen Gamer, the Real Time Strategy game is currently in development by a small, yet independant, studio under supervision of EA Pacific. 'Pocket Generals' is the CnC 3 name, acording to the rumour. Sen Gamer (the website of where it started) says "I daydreamed how cool it would be if I could give C&C troops commands with my finger. Thanks to the creative brains at the Japanese company Nintendo, the creator of the Nintendo DS portable game system, my dream has become reality." But is this site reliable? "Yes and there is also one reporter who writes for 'Power Unlimited' ( very popular game magazine in the Netherlands.) The writer of this article writes for N-Gamer as well. So I think this website is reliable most of the time" says an outside source. But there is some problems. A source inside EA close to Command and Conquer's development team denied the rumor. "This is false," said the source. Does this mean no CnC3? Or does it mean no CnC for the DS? So many questions, left unanswered.
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