C&C Matrix Closes

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C&C Matrix has announced that they are now closing for many reasons. Here's the announcement:
In the past four years that I have been involved in the C&C community I have had good times, bad times and sad times. I have seen the C&C community grow and grow and then slowly destroy its self. Community members I knew and called my friends have come and gone because of personal reasons, education reasons and heatlh reasons. Today it is my turn to officially leave the C&C community. CnCMatrix has been in the community for the best part of 3 years now and I would like to thank everyone who has visited the site over this period at its peak CnCMatrix was attracting 3000+ unique hits a day and at the time of closing CnCMatrix has clocked a total of 1 Million, Two Hundred and Sixty One Thousand and 92 hits! (Counting since 1 Feb 2003) which is something truly amazing for a fansite. But nothing lasts for ever and the same applys to CnCMatrix. The C&C community know only a glimmer of its former self is far from dead there are still many other great sites around the community so to promote these to fans of CnCMatrix I have put up the community button rotation at the bottom of the page. SecondWave once the jewel in the crown of CnCMatrix is also now dead well at least in the official sense. There are a few small teams developing who are planning to continue SecondWave with the help of the open source files which I released a few weeks ago but there is no official team. Anyone looking for technical support should contact one of these teams. The CnCMatrix Forums and Files Database will remain online until my hosting provider shuts down the site which will probably be sometime in September. As for me, I won't be disapearing completley the community gets in your blood and its very hard to shake off. Ill still be in the odd forum and visiting the odd site and who knows what could come in the future. Ive still got the CnCMatrix domain for another 3 years. "Only time will tell" Sigining off for the last time... Malc
We here at Generals files wish Malc good luck in whatever he may do in the future =) We hope that one day they return as well.
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