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Published by JohnWE 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Mike Verdu, the Executive Producer at EA has been interviewed by IGN. They've got some concept screens of the new C&C game over there too!
IGNPC: What's going on with the world in 2047? Is NOD on the upswing? What's going on with Kane? How is that bastard still alive anyway? Will it be told through the goofy live action cutscenes that have been so popular? Mike Verdu: In the year 2047, Tiberium has spread across the surface of the Earth, rendering large sections of the planet uninhabitable. GDI and NOD have been fighting over the rest of the world for decades. When we begin our story, this long war between GDI and NOD has turned into more of a twilight struggle. Some in GDI believe that NOD has split into factions and is on the verge of collapse. Others are convinced that NOD is planning a huge military operation.
http://pc.ign.com/articles/705/705757p1.html Go read it now!
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