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Hello guys,

the previously announced patch to version 492 is ready and waiting for you. As usual, you can use the starter to download it or get it in our download center.

Firstly, it improves the performance (especially when viewing US buildings). We measured improvements of up to 40% in FPS compared to version 493. On one of our systems frames per second increased from 17 to 24.

Secondly, it features a new USA singleplayer mission: Your job is to rescue the survivors of a shot down aircraft and make sure they're evacuated.

As if that wouldn't be enough of a challenge, the first official CWC tournament will start on Friday, October 10th. Details can be found here:

[align=center][color=darkred]CWC Tournament Info[/color][/align]

So long, the ever-working CWC team

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