CnC-Files is getting a small facelift

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Now considering that this site hasn't gotten a visual upgrade in ages, so JohnWE and his staff has begun making up for this.

Anazonda is a Multimedia Designer by profession and we are going to use this to our advantage. We will be upgrading what we can as good as we can to make the site a little more interesting to look at.

So far we have added some buttons to the menu on the left, wich by color indicate the game / universe the game is in.

Soon some of the sub-pages will get a face lift too and most importantly, the banner will be improved with KW and RA3 materials, so that it covers all the content we are hosting.

Got any ideas or suggestions? Go ahead and post them. We can't promise that we can or will use them but I promise that they will at least be read and considered.

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