Cold War Crisis is released!

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Hello everyone!

Some might think it's still July 27th and they may be correct, but for us it's already July 28th (German time ;))

Today is the big day! CWC is released after over 4 years of hard work, blood and sweat! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this community, for all the constructive criticism and the ideas. Without too much words, let's get to buisness, shall we?

First: Please make sure to download our Manual We got a nice install-guide in there and before you mess-up your Zero Hour Installation or are wondering about strange errors, why not take a look into it before doing stuff? Also there are good hints and tips for playing CWC in it, so it's worth a look. If you can't fix a problem even after reading our Manual at least twice go to our Forum for help. But as mentioned, please try reading the manual first!

Second: Download CWC! Pretty easy, just enjoy the Burger below and use one of the Mirrors to download. Big thanks for all mirror-providers! More mirrors will be added soon.

release.jpg Click the yummy Burger-pic for the Mirrorlist! Third: Enjoy CWC. In case you want to battle other players online make sure to read our Hamachi-guide on how to set it up.

We hope you'll enjoy the final release of CWC - v1.0 ;) Best wishes & good luck beating the hard AI

The CWC-Team

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