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Published by JohnWE 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Shadow from Cold War Crisis has sent over news of the imminent release of the afformentioned mod!

It's time for a new official progress report. Right now the beta testers are working hard to test the last big internal beta. Nearly everything is included in that beta already and you can consider it as a "as good as finished CWC". But no head-over-heels releasing. We want to ensure it's 100% bugfree and most enjoyable, for example some of the particles on the pics are undergoing some tuning right now. We are on a good way though and can already see the finish-line. The waiting will be over very soon

To shorten the waiting you can find a little picture-story from a game vs. the (quite superior) AI in the comments of the News on our page.

Check out the picture walkthrough of a Skirmish game (yes! fully functional AI!) right over here. This is definately a mod that we're looking forward to be released! It might even make it worthwhile to install Generals again. Note, I didn't say 'C&C' Generals.

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