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Published by TheGunrun 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hey everyone! To all you in the United States, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Just wanted to let you guys know that I will be hosting another CNC-Live broadcast this Saturday at {7pm EST | 4pm PST | 6pm CST | Midnight GMT} via Stickam. As usual the show will be recorded and be uploaded to the site ( soon after the show ends.

Things that we will be discussing will include, but isn't limited to:

* Red Alert 3's Online Service * EA's Patching Methodology * The Future of the C&C Franchise * C&C Merchandising

We will be going into the community's opinions on the 1v1 forced automatch system in ranked play, speculation on the next C&C title, the possibility that C&C will jump into another medium (C&C the Anime), what kind of C&C Merchandise EA should sell online (Girls of RA3 Life Sized Pillow Cases), and pretty much anything that strikes us to talk about during the show.

After about an hour the show takes a ten minute music break and then enters "Aftershow Mode", this is where the offical recording for the Episode ends and anyone who wants to join the skype conference is added. Aftershow mode is completely uncensored and continues to be broadcasted to through the CNC-Live stickam site. Aftershows have been known to last for hours, and is a great place to RA3 it up with the hosts or just watch matches or random videos via the stickam video feed. Aftershows will be recorded but released as a seperate entity without any censorship.

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