Command and Conquer: The Next Title

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Published by rich19 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Command and Conquer: The Next Title. That's the headline of part of an article posted on IGNPC, titled "The RTSs of 2006". C&C fans will like the article a lot, especially the first part. It reads: "What we know about this game is that it's in the works". Yes that's right folks, IGNPC has confirmed that the next Command and Conquer is indeed in the works. Unfortunately, the rest is mainly speculation and we don't know anything else about the next title. The full text reads: [quote]Command & Conquer: The Next Title Developer: EA LA Publisher: Electronic Arts Release Date: TBA What is it?: What we know about this game is that it's in the works. What we don't know is pretty much everything else. We've learned a few other things recently however. We know that EA's VP of Creative Development Louis Castle seems to be very fond of the Tiberium universe in the C&C series so we may see that… but considering the popularity of the Red Alert universe, we're guessing that actually might be where the next game will take place. A recent podcast with Louis Castle and Mike Verdu showed that both are very excited about the possibilities of an RTS MMO (though that's not likely for this next one) as well. However, it wouldn't be surprising to see EA LA build on the things that they've done right with the Battle for Middle-earth franchise. For instance, a strategic world map for a large Red Alert game could be possible. We won't see it released this year, but we may finally learn something as the year progresses.[/quote] This is great news for C&C fans! Although it isn't due for release until at least 2007, we might at last learn something about it this year! I personally can't wait! You can find IGNPC's article [url=""]here[/url].
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