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Published by Mr.Funsocks 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


There has been three new renders for the Command and Conquer: Zero Hour mod Command & Conquer: Untitled. This mod's goal is improve, enhance and refine the gameplay of the existing C&C Generals ZeroHour gameplay mechanics without straying away from the feel and look of the original game for those who doesn't want to leave the original Zero Hour feel. It will include new units, sounds, buildings, powers, bug fixes, and a lot more!

  • The three new renders listed in order from left to right in the screen shots section and include:
    • Superweapon General's Heavy Ambulance Due to its reliance towards her infantry units, they have somewhat "redesigned" the ambulance to fit the team's needs. The Ambulance can now carry 6 Soldiers and its toxin cleaner gun gets a range boost to make it more useful. Also, It would have a 20% Health increase.
    • GLA Demolition General's Jagdtiger Juhziz decided to replace his marauder tank and came up with this. Armed with a 200MM Hi-Explosive Cannon and a twin machine gun, The Jagdtiger was a perfect replacement for the marauder since Juhziz likes big booms! But due to its firepower, it will get a weak amour and a fixed turret so you have to carefully use this or this tank will die easily.
    • Rocket Buggy Nothing new or special about this unit. The model from the original Rocket Buggy has been revamped to make it look more sleak and dangerous.

To learn more about the mod, go to the mod's webpage here.

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