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Published by CrAzYkEnNy 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


A upcoming C&C Zero Hours mod called CORE released its first big media update. Its filled with tons of informations and high quality images.


What is Core? Core is a Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Total Conversion. It will feature a brand new economic system, A complete single-player campaign, two distinct playable factions as well as a nonplayable enemy force. The objective is to cross fast-paced gameplay with an elaborate storyline.

Why Zero Hour? Zero Hour is a game that has been around for along time, and is still impressive graphically. We felt that there is no need to move to Command and Conquer 3, or the upcoming Red Alert 3, If we can do everything we want to do using the original Sage engine. Furthermore there has never been a quality scfi mod released for Zero Hour to date.

When will it be released? We are shooting to release a demo sometime this year, and the final product in 2009.


How could it come to this? We all thought that we were moving into yet another great era of peace, far more prosperous than ever before. Spilling blood and rotting flesh was never in the forecast... especially not to the extent that a lowly captain could become the highest authority on Omega.

Not that there is any glory to be held by the last remnant loyal to The Order. Command has fractured, entire brigades gone rouge, deserted, and disappeared off the map completely... terrorism, assassination, and betrayal ground the Senate into obscurity. The survivors stepped ahead... and although the power of a thousand nations is under my control, most of these nations have existed only on paper for a couple years. Omega was hope, now it's hell.

This mods goal is to completely re-engineer the gameplay the stock Zero Hour has to offer and then add some extras. It features a brand new resourcing system, continous battle chatter to provide a more immersive battle experience and much more. Another thing to note is the high quality particles effects this mod uses instead of the ordinary EA ones.

This is one mod I'm keeping my eye on. I advice you do the same!

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