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Published by Pro-Filer 20 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
I spent quite an amount (read: a lot) of time posting, mini-reviewing, taking screenshots, writing up stats, etc. for these 8 (mainly new) maps today, hope you folks enjoy it! Here's an overview: ---- [b]Icecream Mountain[/b] Nice Map, Asymmetry is a big plus point here! Base positions may not be equally fair since the right side base is surrounded by a protecting river. Anyway the idea behind the map is to reach the northern area and claim the supply station and 3 supply piles, not to mention the 3 available oil derricks spread out over the north (check the 1st screenie). The 2 bases are divided by a mountain plus a long "ridge" basically cutting splitting the map into a left and right area. There´s a town to the left with some cars driving on roads, something I haven´t seen on a custom map yet, nice job Scorpio9a (Scripter). One thing I noticed however is that the topleft Oil Derricks stands inside a civilian building, check the 2nd and 3rd picture :) Definately worth playing if you like asymmetrical maps, nice first map Midnight Wolf! Players: 2 Oil Derricks: 4 Oil Refinery's: 0 Hospitals: 0 Supply Stations: 3 Supply Piles: 3 Bunkers: Few Civilian Buildings: Average [file="10692"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]Bloodbath Canyon[/b] This small map, in addition to the stats below contains two indestructible towers overlooking each player's starting position and three indestructible bunkers overlooking the canyon pass to your opponent's base (see screenshots). There is a small urban area with a few buildings and civilian vehicles. There are also a few other areas of interest, like the many supply piles! What I especially like about this map is the 2 possible directions to attack from. You can go all the way over the ridge and attack the base from behind, or go straight through the canyon. But one thing is for sure, claim those bunkers and/or towers ASAP, if you don´t, the game might be over soon! Nonetheless, this is a really nice map AND it includes AI (perimeters) so it will run fine in Skirmish as well! Enjoy! :thumbsup: Players: 2 Oil Derricks: 2 Oil Refinery's: 1 Hospitals: 0 Supply Stations: 2 Supply Piles: A lot Bunkers: 3 Civilian Buildings: Average [file="10694"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]Cliff Top[/b] Here's a small 2v2 map with a high plateau in the middle. As you can see on my radar in the second screenie, the 4 bases are seperated by water and are hooked up with the central high plateau with a long elevating bridge. In the centre there are a few civilian buildings and a few supply piles. Needles to say, garrison these buildings and build some defences on top of the hill. This map would be fun in an all out GLA match since the only way to reach eachother´s base is through the central plateau! Good job for a first CnC Generals map! To bad this map does not contain AI perimeters so you can't play in Skirmish offline :( Players: 4 Oil Derricks: 4 Oil Refinery's: 0 Hospitals: 0 Supply Stations: 8 Supply Piles: A few Bunkers: 8 Civilian Buildings: A few [file="10698"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]Rubble[/b] [b]Note:[/b] Quoted from the author, Toodles: [quote]One problem I'm having with it though, is it doesn't show up under unofficial maps until I move the scroll bar. And when it does show up, it's listed as MISSING: Kuwait (2). It works just fine though.[/quote] This 2 player map contains a "treasure island" with an extra supply station, an oil derrick, an oil refinery and plenty of big civilian buildings to garisson in! I've played this map against a dumb AI for a bit, had fun :D (see screenies). A thing to note about this map is that the base positions aren´t quite equally fair. As you can see on screenshot 1 the person starting on the left has 2 supply stations on his own island. The player on the right starts with 1 supply station and on his bigger island, and no oil derrick on his own island unlike the left side player. HOWEVER, the player on the right has an easy to defend base as he starts on a higher level plateau shielded off by mountains and by bunkers in the open areas at the bottom. So it tends to balance eachother out in fairness, however, I´d rather start in the "money" base on the left then the "easy to defend base" on the right! So, I wouldn´t recommend this map for 2 equally strong players. Besides the glitch / crappy lake shown in the 4th screenshot below this is a nice map! AND it´s asymmetric :thumbsup: Players: 2 Oil Derricks: 2 Oil Refinery's: 1 Hospitals: 1 Supply Stations: 4 Supply Piles: 0 Bunkers: 3 Civilian Buildings: Average [file="10700"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]River Split[/b] An average two player map with a river deviding it into 2 pieces. There´s 2 ways to the enemy base, over a long bridge or down through the river valley (still have to go over a short bridge). Now this map is asymmetrical which is nice, however here are come differences between player 1 (left) and player 2(right): Left: 1 more supply station Left: A hospital Left: A few civilian buildings Right: Higher towers on it's 2 entrances Let me just summarize that. Player 2 has 3 supply stations, player 1 has 4! Only thing extra player 2 has is higher towers at the entrace (see screenshots). The map might have been better off if both sides had 3 supply stations instead of 4. Nonetheless, this map is one big money mine, as you can see by my screenshots, I had more money then I could spend :D I wanted to get the Tank medal (50+ tanks) so that's why I kinda overdid it against a n00bish GLA (normal army). Anyway nice map but the weaker player should start out on the right side base! [b]Note:[/b] This map shows up in your game's unofficial maplist as "MISSING: Jesus water split (2)", just load that, it works just fine, if anybody knows how to fix this, post it below or E-Mail us and we'll pass it on! Players: 2 Oil Derricks: 8 Oil Refinery's: 2 Hospitals: 1 Supply Stations: 7 Supply Piles: 0 Bunkers: 0 Civilian Buildings: Few Oh, and the author described exactly what I found out too hehe :D [quote]If your playing in skirmish mode against the AI, you should play with the computer at HARD minimum since I didn't scripted the complexe AI made in every Official map. the computer can still be challenging in Brutal but at NORMAL they will build a little base , a little defense and stay there... :D[/quote] [file="10702"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]Oil Crisis[/b] This 2v2 map is intended for left vs. right play! The main objective of this map is to claim the central island which contains a whopping 8 oil derricks and one oil refinery. The southern bases are located on a higher plateau while the northern bases are protected to the south by a mountain range with an opening for your units to go through of course :D Along these mountains and along the higher plateau there are bunkers so stack em with tank hunters :) The light areas in the first screenshot are the higher grounds. The northern and southern bases are connected to eachother with a bridge so you'll have to makes sure to defend that right from the start as well! 8 oil derricks seems a bit overdone, however, there´s only 1 supply station per player and no supply piles. There are 2 oil dericks to the left and 2 to the right so you can claim them but if you want big cash for free you'll have to claim center island! However, again, about the bridges, watch out that you're not being attacked "from the back" while you are fighting for or holding the central island / oil derricks! Good job on the map :thumbsup:, although a bit of detail like trees or terrain type diversity or so might have given it that extra touch! Players: 4 Oil Derricks: 12 Oil Refinery's: 0 Hospitals: 0 Supply Stations: 4 Supply Piles: 0 Bunkers: A lot Civilian Buildings: Very few [file="10706"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]Buggy Ride[/b] I'll just quote the author in the readme and not review this map, I did played it with GLA and it´s indeed pretty kewl to jump the hills with the rocket buggy hehe! [quote]NOTE** This map was made as a test of the Generals World Builder that I made into a full map, the results were very interesting. I've played many times on this map, although it is crowded, it's worth it just to see your rocket buggy jump into the air and shoot a barrage of missiles at the enemy. Please don't take this map too seriously, just have fun ;) The only way to get credits is to either, take over oil derricks or go through the track collecting crates as you go along. This map is full of jumps for your buggies and even tanks to take. Again, Please don't take this map too seriously![/quote]Great fun, check it the screenies I took (first 7, the 8th was sent in) :D Now what´s next a buggy race mode for CnC Generals lol :confused: [file="10707"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- [b]Fields of Dread[/b] Very cool map! I´m not gonna waste to much words on this cuz this map is just good! The only bad thing I noticed is that the topright player has 3 bunkers, the bottomright 1 and the others none, but that shouldn't spoil the fun! Just grab this sucker now, you'll like it! :thumbsup: Players: 4 Oil Derricks: 12 Oil Refinery's: 1 Hospitals: 0 Supply Stations: 7 Supply Piles: Quite a few Bunkers: 4 Civilian Buildings: Some [file="10708"]More Info & Download[/file]! ----- That's all for today!
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