Hags' Red Alert 3 Single Player Review

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After proof-reading it hundreds of times and going almost nuts re-sizing images, adding tags, respectively managing fonts and formatting the article the most eye-pleasing way, I finally finished my RA3 review, which is an, admittedly, long read, but touches on details most of the professional reviews unfortunately didn't. And if you are a fan of pictures, I added 9 screenshots I made myself in course of the game to satisfy your needs. Here's a snip:

As for the enemy AI, the same principle holds truth; sporadically, they’ll rape your behind with every single attack they can- Other times (especially when it comes to defending their own bases) they appear fatalistic. They do however make great use of their units’ secondary abilities and unit mixing. At places even too well stick out tongue The best parts of the campaigns, however, is the exceptionally great soundtrack and the varied, colorful maps. In contrast to TW, there’s actual music to be heard, in heavily diverse genres ranging from orchestral tracks through rock to jazz, some with touches of either Soviet (Choir!), Japanese or European influences. What is more, almost every mission has, beside the battle tracks, their own, exclusive song. All this is played dynamically, and working well, too.

Read the full, verbose and aesthetic (did I mention amazing? :D) review here

I hope you enjoy it more than I did creating it :P

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