How to get tiberium feilds looking right

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[quote] Hi, I have downloaded alot of maps for c&c3 and while many of them are great, alot have the same tib field issues so i just thought i'd post a little advice on how to get them looking right. 1) many i have seen the creator has manually placed tib in the fields. you DON'T need to do this as once you place the field tiberium will appear automaticly in game, also you can not harvest manually placed tib for some reason?! If you select the field then in the object propertys box a new tab called 'Tiberium' will show up, From here you can change the start amount of tib, the max amount the field will have at any one time, the radius of the field and the regroth rate. you can view the size of the field by going into View>influences>tib field radius this will show an outline of the size of the field. 2) "The center of the field dosn't show the inside?" to do this its best to go into top down view. First place the Tib field then go to the paint terrain (its best to use the single cell one). Once in paint terrain look at the bottom of the object propertys box there should be a selection box with textures, passibe terrain, etc. click on the one that says visabilty. another box will apper next to it with the options Not Visable and Visable on it. make sure Not visable is selected then carefully paint the inside of the tib field. once done you should see the inside of the field, then just click the texture box to allow you to carry on painting terrain. JOB DONE!!! I hope this was useful to you -Captin_Jon[/quote] Well here is a quick tutorial on how to fix your tib fields and make them look like they are from the official maps. Like said above I hope this helps your maps look better!
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