New RA3 Unit Profile: Shogun Battleship

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A new unit profile has been added today, this time, the Eotrs Shogun, a battleship with 6 energy beams and ramming abilities. Background snippet:
While Shogun battleships naturally are kept to the rear ranks of Imperial armadas, some of the most dramatic first moments of this war happened when the Soviets initially managed to break Imperial ranks and engage a fleet of Shoguns directly. Once threatened, the battleships turned to face a defiant and emboldened Soviet fleet of dreadnoughts and stingrays, rather than turn broadsides. The Shoguns then all supercharged their engines in unison while engaging a fore-mounted point-defense shield system of some sort, rushing forward with appalling speed, smashing straight through the Soviet remnants, shattering them to pieces. Only an escort wolfpack of Akula subs survived, their captains shaken and near-maddened by the experience. The video evidence they returned is now being studied intently in order to gain more insight into Imperial strategy.
Read the full unit background with a short video demo here:
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