Petroglyph Expanding (TOP SECRET RTS)

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Published by Silent_Killer1 17 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
[quote] Petroglyph Expanding Fri - Mar 26, 2004, 10:00 pm [EST] posted by Lion Who the heck are they Lion? Petroglyph is a game development company I've mentioned a few times in the past here at the DEN. A lot of the peeps working there are ex-Westwood Studios employess. The company is based in Las Vegas. They have been working on a 'TOP SECRET' project (RTS title)for an un-named game publisher. They are waiting for the green light from this mysterious publisher to announce the game they are developing. Some in the community have speculated they could be working on a Command & Conquer title. Is this possible? I don't see why not. Let's ponder on this for a second. Being ex-Westwood employees, they would have ties with people in Electronic Arts. This is a fully funded project, so it takes a lot of up-front money to do that...and EA has that kind of money and can take the loss should the game flop. And the fact they're being so 'secretive' does have me leaning towards the possibilty. I know some will say no to my thoughts on this because EA has that big EALA Studio complex. Anyhoot, I'll continue to snoop around and maybe I'll find an answer somewhere. Whatever RTS game they're working on, things must be going well for Petroglyph. They just broke ground recently for construction of a new Studio and office facility. Check out the pic below. Hmmm...interesting, huh? [/quote] This was found at cncden by MaSaKaRi one of the head modders for the new battletech mod. It looks to me like we have a new RTS game comming. A small group of ex westwood staff are under the develpoment of a new RTS game.
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