Rise of the Reds: Dear Comrade General, Media Update #26

By JohnWE 14 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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----------------------------------- Hello ROTR fans! As always we procrastinate to bring you the latest news in the mod's development. This time we've got some new ECA units to show off that we promised we'd show you. While we technically showed 3 new units, we're only showing 2 of the renders since the Jagdmammut is up for the Under the Spotlight segment. Which is under way... But enough talk! On to the renders: Goshawk Gunship
The Goshawk is probably the most versatile gunship in the war. Not only it is capable of rearming itself in flight like others but has the speed and agility of a fighter while being capable of vertical flight. Their pilots are fearless and methodical, accomplishing strikes with ruthless efficiency. It is but one of the few aircraft the ECA have left. Their locations are hidden in secrecy and due to their VTOL ability they can nearly take off from anywhere. Claymore Howitzer
The Claymore is the second biggest unit of ECA’s arsenal. It has a nearly legendary firing range. Possesses superb accuracy and can operate in any terrain and weather that is native to Europe. Very few have the luxury of surviving the punishment of its shells. It is rumoured they are capable of firing in a quick succession as a few Claymores are capable of creating a majestic barrage. And that concludes today's update, we may post some comparison shots for the Claymore as we're not kidding that it's huge. We are more than certain you ECA fans will enjoy these and the upcoming units we are to show you in the near future. Stay tuned for the awaited Under the Spotlight! Have a safe and great day, this has been Comr4de from SWR Productions signing out. Regards, ~ SWR Team

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