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Published by CrAzYkEnNy 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


We got a very special update of the ZH Total Conversion called Core. Today we have two new combat logs, an introduction to three of our new staff members and much more.

Combat Logs[

October 6, 2642: 14:67 hours // Approaching Omega

"Admiral Dalton sir, we are approaching Omega. Still no signs of life. Did the Creed get here first? Are they all dead?"

"Even the Creed could not wipe out an entire planet that fast, officer. Stay sharp, something odd is going on here. Dispatch a Stalker pair, lets get a closer look"

"Sir! Atlus refugees spotted at Vector 4 2 4. They appear to be under attack! Orders?"

"Our worst fears have been realized, Creed has beat us here! Have our stalkers engage the Creed attacking those refugees and patch me through."

"Aye Admiral, You are patched."

"Sergeant, do you read me?"

"Loud and Clear Admiral."

"Guard them well, Ground units inbound."

October 6, 2642: 13:43 hours // Near Omega

"Leader Colt, Stats are optimal. Ready to break orbit, Orders sir?"

"Proceed with the break and recon the coordinates marked on your hud.

"Yes Leader."

"Landing sites "69-G" and "87-H" captured, uploading data now." "Warrior kaltan, two units spotted at vector 4 2 4 . We are working on identifying those craft."

"I have never encountered such a ship, More primitive Atlus designs?"

"No Leader, I recognize this model from Rho. They are Liberty VTOL support craft."

"Liberty? Already? they have managed to get aid here prior to invasion this time. Defeat them Warrior, show no mercy."

"With honor."

Introduction Interview

Nem: First off, what made you guys decide to join the team?

Nidmeister: Well there was a lot of mystery surrounding the mod, What got me going was the bits of teasers and screens I saw.

ka1000: I was invited and i happily accepted

Crazykenny: You forced me to 8I.gif Nem: What talents will you be introducing to Core?

Nidmeister: Just mapping I'm afraid.

ka1000: I will be contributing with models and concept art.

Crazykenny: Mapping mostly, my work is pretty popular around the community apparently. Haven't mapped for over a month, this mod has got me going again.

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