Staff Report 05-12-04

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Published by Silent_Killer1 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
I am putting out the staff report 3 days in advance due to a trip I have to go on. ***Site Updates*** 1) We are now full on staff the staff list is below. 1- General Sparky (Site Manager) 2- Deisler (Asst. Site Manager) 3- Silent_Killer1 (Site Overseer/Staff Admin) 4- Laserbeam418 (Comments Moderator) 5- mdcobbin (File/News Scout/Reviewer 6- Iggy6662k (Head Modder/Reviewer) *Non-Staff Names* FN_Hitman- Silent_Killer1 General_Frick- Laserbeam418 LastLine- General Sparky *Awards* 1) General Sparky Won the 2003-2004 Staff Awards. Great job General Sparky. 2) mdcobbin is being given an award for bringing in the most news updates that we have ever had on CnC-Files, and covering all the new files very well. Great job mdcobbin. 3) Iggy6662k is being given an award for the most improved on CnC-Files. I gave him a job as a head Modder and he has been doing a great job ever scene. Great Job Iggy. *Clan News* 1) The clan for CnC-Files ( -|FN|- ) Is going to be terminated. The staff at CnC-Files can’t keep a clan in order and run this site as well it’s just not possible. ***Requests*** 1) All file developers, are webmail has been clustered by Spam all over for the past month please if you have a file you wish to submit send it to one of the staff through email, for now. If you file has not been posted yet there’s a big possibility that it was deleted by accident with the rest of the Spam.
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