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Published by Silent_Killer1 17 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Well because of stupid immuture kids that can handle getting fired are new site launch has been delayed a ton, we now are looking at 18 days to a month intill we get a needed upgrade, the new design, the new layout, and the best of all the most coverage. ********** I will be going on my much needed vacation in a few weeks, when im gone DDDAndrew a close friend of mine will be incharge. I wish to come back and not have DDDAndrew telling me problems that were caused when Im gone. I have given him full premission to mod the intire site and hand out bans where needed. I will be making a news post and letting everyone know when im getting ready to leave. I wouldent act up when im gone because when im gone on vacation im still all around here. So you can try to get away with something but you won't :D . So behave community when im gone. ********** I would like to give great thanks to to the whole staff for playing there part in a path to the top. Jamie- For bringing us to are feet and improveing this site making it better then it ever has been. mdcobbin- For great news coverage, and keeping us up to date on all the new stuff out there. Lazerbeam418- For keeping the community inline with there commenting and willing to help out every step of the way. Deisler- For partying without me. :D but really for doing a killer job on the site staff section. iggy6662k- For keeping us updated on new mods and info about new mods out there. ********** I would like to thank the community for helping us out where we needed it, I thank you all very much. **********
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