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Published by Silent_Killer1 17 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
***Site Updates*** 1. Thanks to bubats we now have a kick ass header for are new site CnC-Files soon to launch and cover all CnC-Games. 2. General Sparky has left CnC-Files for good for personal stuff, putting me, Silent_Killer1 in charge of the site from here on out. 3. Jamie joins the CnC-Files staff again. I’m happy that Jamie decided to come back to FN and join up in are trip to the top. Jamie is the new Site Overseer/Staff Admin putting him in charge of, watching the site making sure everything is running smoothly and putting him in charge of the staff, meaning he trains and hires them. 4. CnC-Files soon to launch with new coverage and a new kick ass design that most of you saw on We plan to cover the following games. A. CnC Renegade B. CnC Generals & Zero Hour C. CnC Red Alert & Yuris Revenge D. CnC Tiberum Sun & Firestorm This is going to be a very kick ass month for this site. We are soon to set up more staff to help with all the coverage on those games. I plan to use departments, one department of staff to cover that assigned game to that department. Don’t email me begging for a job, I will be selecting the staff myself depending on how they act on this site. :D 5. Apologies to all for the site problems last Sunday. The scripts for the network were in fact going crazy causing the site to go hay wire like that. 6. The staff page has been updates check it out. 7. We are starting to cover all CnC Games listed above so don’t flip out if you see a file or news for one of them. :D ***Staff Of The Month Award*** The staff of the month award is given to Jamie for best improvement on coverage for this site. ***Community Plug*** Well besides the fact that the EA community manager sucks and is killing the CnC-Community, I have a good feeling we all will pull through this mess. We have lost a few sites in these past months which is very sad and we all know it. As Undefinedname from CnC-Unleashed told me, “If the community cant pull through this then it does not deserve to live.” In other news check out the other sites in the CnC community, we are not the only ones out here :D . Oh and file developers please submit your files to as many different CnC sites in the community that you can, I would be very thankful for that. ***Suggestions*** Anything you think we are missing? Post here and let us here what you think.
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