Vietnam Glory Obscured - Mac Version Released!

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Pegasus v1.1 has been officially released for the Mac. You get all the same great gameplay and units from the PC version. A big thanks to SuperKev for putting a Mac version together for us.

You can currently get the Pegasus v1.1 Mac from SuperKev's site Pegasus v1.1 Mac Release

A mac version is also available from Mod Database

If there are any problems, please direct all your Mac related issues to him.

In other news...

VGO Sound Track - Music Player Update We have updated our music player with 4 Work In Progress (WIP) tracks for the NVA. Also featured in our music player are some tracks from the USA as well as the 2 songs in our mod by Effect29.

This Month in Vietnam - Sept / Oct 1965 After the North Vietnamese Army attacks a Special Forces camp at Plei Mei, the U.S. 1st Air Cavalry is deployed against enemy regiments that are identified in the vicinity of the camp. The result is the battle of the Ia Drang. For 35 days, the division pursues and fights the 32d, 33d, and 66th North Vietnamese Regiments until the enemy, suffering heavy casualties, returns to bases in Cambodia.

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