Vietnam Glory Obscured - Pegasus v1.2 Released!

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Pegasus v1.2 is Here! Some bug fixes, some balance fixes, some additions. The most important thing with this patch is an automatic updater for the Mod Launcher. As long as you are connected to the Internet, the Mod Launcher will patch the mod to the latest version if there are any updates. The initial download is 980 kb for each version of the installer, and after installed it will download the newest files patching whatever your current version is to 1.2, even if this is your first time installing the mod it will still work (although expect a larger download.) What you can expect to see in the new patch:

Updates: Mod Launcher Auto Updater Vulcan and AH1 now has a chance to miss air units All AA has shorter vision but the ability to spot air units outside of this vision. Mortar pit is now unstealthed during construction AI Enhancement - does not horde choppers and is more likely to use vehicles F105 has greater health and does more damage (both with and without napalm)

Bug Fixes: Vulcan deploy/undeploy/unhook artwork was put in Agent Blue Icon to be shown at the command center when purchased instead of Agent Orange Icon fixed Vulcan deploy/undeploy text fixed M113 has dust for bullets when they hit the ground AH-1 double gun turret issue is fixed Elite Green Beret C3 issue fixed Treasure Island BB capture center issue fixed

If anyone has any problems or issues, please visit our forums and let us know! We can help you get the mod up and running. Also if you find any bugs, tell us so we can fix it!

News From the Front - North Vietnamese Army We are currently hard at work on the NVA, things are moving along fairly well and we've had to change very little from our design document during implementation into SAGE. Nearly all the ground units are in game, we are also starting to get the infantry into the game now as well. We expect it all to be implemented relatively quickly compared to the USA. Designing and creating buildings will be the next major step. After that all that is really left is balancing the NVA with the USA, which will arguably be the hardest part.

This Month in Vietnam - Oct 1966 The Vietcong's 9th Division, having recovered from battles from the previous July, prepares for a new offensive. Losses in men and equipment have been replaced by supplies and reinforcements sent down the Ho Chi Minh trail from North Vietnam

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