Vietnam Glory Obscured: Pegasus v1.3 Released

15 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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The Vietnam Glory Obscured Team has released Pegasus v1.3. If people currently have our mod installed, all they have to do is run the mod launcher to update to the latest version automatically. Otherwise people can download the mod from our website www.vgomod.co.nr Pictures previewing the NVA side that we are currently working on are also at our website. Some of the fixes included in the Pegasus 1.3 Release: Major Updates: Improved Frame Rate New monetary feature in villages Trees regrow after being burned or deforested Agent Orange and Blue adjustments and enhancements Balance Fixes: Captain no longer requires a generals point, available from the start Flame tank more effective against infantry Vulcans more effective, particularly against groups of helis AC Gun ships now orbits slower on station to effectively hit targets better Bug Fixes: Missing or inaccurate Strings for vehicles have been fixed Script fixes on various maps, including Bombardment maps Green Beret instant build bug has been fixed OV-10 Rotors now move properly Sniper rigging has been fixed when fast roping from a chopper Other various graphical and rigging fixes

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