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Published by ChrisJM 13 years ago , last updated 9 months ago


I got the change to ask Screaming Cricket some questions about his Vietnam Reborn mod for Zero Hour. Here are some of the exclusive and never before seen details about Vietnam Reborn:

When is a beta going to be released? The usa side should be done within may, but we are debating on if we should wait to finish NVA before we release a public beta.

How is the game being balanced compared to the reality of the vietnam war? We are focusing on infantry, and trying to come up with ways to use them EA didnt have with their infantry. we are trying to balance realism with the fun factor.

Is there any gore? Sprays of blood for now, but when infantry gets hit with explosive, they should blow apart accordingly.

Do you think the maps accurately depicked the battle conditions? As of right now, we dont have thick jungles, there is only bamboo and palm trees in the game.

What about the urban battles? We will have to model alot of civilian buildings since the ones included in generals arn't even close to how pictures depict the cities in vietnam.

Any naval units? Such as the US PBR, and the NVA swamp boats? We are planning on adding some, the ones planned for the USA at the moment are the PBR Boats, navy hovercraft, and rubber rafts.

How about the vehicle interaction? The MUTT can tow artillery and can even tow away enemy artillery if you can capture it.

What about generals abilities? We have white phosphorous bombs, agent orange and blue, some gunship strikes, and some heavy ordinace bombing.

What about deformable terrian? We do have agent orange and blue to quickly get rid of large areas of foliage.

Will there be AI compatablities? Yes, you will be able to play against the computer.

Any civilian forces? Well we are wanting the VC able to blend in with the civilian forces, and if you accedently kill a civ instead of VC, we want there to be consiquences, such as civilian retalation, but we will see what we can do.

To me, this mod sounds very interesting, and I can't wait for it to be released!

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