Weekly Poll Results - Finding everything alright?

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Published by JohnWE 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Finding everything alright?

Yup, my Venoms are doing just fine. 40.8% (199)
No, um, where is Prince Kassad's last building? 25.2% (123)
So tell me again why I have to find the Soviets' last sub? 22.7% (111)
What? So that's what Mobile Sensor Arrays do! 11% (54)
Total: 487
Start: 05-27-2008 17:59
Last: 06-02-2008 18:34

 #1 - Posted by: Tragul (Member) on 05-27-2008 at 20:50

I'm confused. What is the meaning of this poll? :confused:

 #2 - Posted by: mlord5000 (Member) on 05-27-2008 at 21:27

its one of those "got cnc3 yet?" polls right?

 #3 - Posted by: Joe_kickass (Member) on 05-28-2008 at 01:42

i dont really understand this so i wont vote like @ 1http://commandandconquer.filefront.com/potd/101819

 #4 - Posted by: JohnWE (Staff) on 05-28-2008 at 05:59

It has no meaning :( If anybody can figure out the truth behind this poll, let me know. (it's a hidden secret)

 #5 - Posted by: Captain_Limko (Member) on 05-28-2008 at 09:35

Let's see. The poll is titled 'Finding everything alright?' and most of the poll answers deal with stealth detection. Get it now, or do I have to break out the sonar pulse? Thought this one was pretty good myself.

 #6 - Posted by: Joe_kickass (Member) on 05-28-2008 at 23:57

ohhhhhhh thanks Captain_Limko i thought it had something to do with stealth units but i ony have generals, zero hour and tib wars (not kanes wrath :mad ) so sensor array and subs didnt make sense and prince kassad always hides last buildings!!!!! so i vote that

 #7 - Posted by: Kurtisb (Member) on 05-29-2008 at 09:32

Here's my answer: Yup, my Combat Engineers are doin' fine. lol

 #8 - Explanation. - Posted by: SageHarpuia (Member) on 05-30-2008 at 18:33

The meaning of the poll's title: Finding everything alright? makes sense if you know what all the examples are. The first, where is Kassad's building? Prince Kassad is the GLA stealth general in CnC Gen ZH. His buildings can be upgraded with camoflage netting, rendering them invisible to the enemy, and ridiculously hard to hunt down the last one. Then we have the Soviet sub answer. Submarines are, well, submerged. That, and their being smaller than buildings, and far more mobile than buildings as well, makes them hard to find. The one on Mobile sensor arays is from the Tiberium series. The sensor aray reveals NOD's burrowing and otherwise hidden units. The way the answer is phrased implies that the player did not know how to use them, and thusly could not find the hidden units. As for the last one, Venoms are excellent scouts. Ideal for ferrting out units hidden in the far corners of the map. The title of the poll means: Are you able to find your enemy easily? Or can you not find them? Boy am I long-winded. Thats all for now. Master X!

 #9 - Posted by: Hbombs (Member) on 05-31-2008 at 06:25

logic and experience of playing the c&c series is all that is required for this poll.

 #10 - Posted by: Kurtisb (Member) on 05-31-2008 at 07:25

I realised what it meant almost as soon as I posted my previous comment. I didn't want to double-post, otherwise I would've corrected myself.

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