Weekly Poll Results - If You Could Bring a Unit into RA3, what would it be?

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Published by JohnWE 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


If You Could Bring a Unit into RA3, what would it be?

The MARV. 38.1% (242)
A MAD Tank. 26.6% (169)
An Emperor Tank! 23.4% (149)
Plenty of Disruptors 11.8% (75)
Total: 635
Start: 08-11-2008 16:25
Last: 08-18-2008 17:51

 #1 - Posted by: dosegt4 (Staff) on 08-11-2008 at 17:06

they need to bring the mad tank back that unit pwned

 #2 - Posted by: Imperial_Scout_Trooper (Member) on 08-11-2008 at 18:05

I'm going with the Emperor Tank, loved it, and why the hell is everyone voting the MARV, for christ sake <.<

 #3 - Posted by: Darkcomet33 (Member) on 08-11-2008 at 18:24

MAD, as it is actually an RA-verse weapon.

 #4 - Posted by: unknowngeneral (Member) on 08-11-2008 at 20:17


 #5 - Posted by: Ed_Lihead1 (Member) on 08-11-2008 at 21:15

"Roll over them!" MARV ftw:rock::rock::rock:

 #6 - Posted by: dosegt4 (Staff) on 08-11-2008 at 21:30

there voting for marv cuz there noobs that cant play a game old school style

 #7 - Posted by: Exan365 (Member) on 08-11-2008 at 23:31

Quite true dosegt4, these noobs couldn't last a match against the GLA or China on very hard difficulty:D. So that's why I chose the Emperor tank 'cause no other unit could take it out easily.:rock:

 #8 - Posted by: CnC_Fin (Member) on 08-11-2008 at 23:58

I whould bring Prism Tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Apache and normal MiG...... and RA1 Ranger!!!

 #9 - Posted by: rich19 (Member) on 08-12-2008 at 02:15

MAD tank. :D

 #10 - Posted by: anazonda (Staff) on 08-12-2008 at 02:55

Chrono Legionare. Gonna miss thoose guys. But from the ones on top: The MARV. Funny little unit.

 #11 - Posted by: cardassio (Member) on 08-12-2008 at 04:14

I also say MAD tank :D

 #12 - Posted by: deathM (Member) on 08-12-2008 at 04:49

i'm a noob,not coz i'm new,but coz i suck at the game,but it stays fun,i kinda grew up with c&c and i still suck xD but the mad tank is a oldie,and a goodie,and belongs in RA universe,so i vote MAD

 #13 - Posted by: I_like_eggs (Member) on 08-12-2008 at 06:12

MAD-MAD-MAD Tank Deployed... BOOM Fun times...

 #14 - Posted by: bumting (Member) on 08-13-2008 at 07:07

i think they should bring back those technicians red/blue/yellow jumpers lol there were funny as hell pop a few shot then run around like mad eds.....LOOOOOL

 #15 - Posted by: Joe_kickass (Member) on 08-14-2008 at 01:01

OMG LONG LIVE EMPEROR OVERLORDS!!!!! MARV = SUCK even tho most garisson pods its SLOWER THAN MOST INFANTRY besides those new apocalypse tanks look just odd sorta curvy and not sharp edges like a tank Mammoth Tank Mk III (C&C3 i mean) = waaay too flat tripod could just kick its top in real life Emperor Overlord tank = sooooooooo perfect + auto heal :D

 #16 - Posted by: Jamie05 (Member) on 08-14-2008 at 08:14

MARV FTW! :rock:

 #17 - Posted by: Nitronumber9 (Staff) on 08-16-2008 at 08:21

Mirage tanks! Failing that the RA1 Chrono tanks were fun.

 #18 - Posted by: I_like_eggs (Member) on 08-16-2008 at 23:29

yerr chrono tanks would pwn *Chrono warp sound* SHOOM SHOOM! BOOOOOM *Chrono Warp sound* oops....

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