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Published by JohnWE 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Will the promised Kane's Wrath Patch bring you back to the game?

Yes, but I'm having fun now too. 29.2% (140)
Yes, I'm waiting for its arrival. 27.8% (133)
No, my time with Kane's Wrath is over. 25.3% (121)
Don't need it, I only play single player. 17.5% (84)
Total: 478
Start: 06-16-2008 17:08
Last: 06-24-2008 18:41

 #1 - Posted by: Re4_Wesker (Member) on 06-16-2008 at 21:03

why is a patch needed? patches are good but what glitches are there in gameplay?

 #2 - Posted by: CnC_Fin (Member) on 06-16-2008 at 21:58

I'm enjoying it now too:rolleyes:

 #3 - Posted by: Commander_Leigh (Member) on 06-17-2008 at 00:27

Patch is required for several things at the moment: 1. The desyncs. It's like playing generals again. 2. The shatterer in core GDI deals out and takes less damage than it should, for it's price. 3. More economy balancing and such.

 #4 - Posted by: Jamie05 (Member) on 06-17-2008 at 03:27

The game atm is riddles with bugs, desynchs and to mention horribley unbalanced... I think the staff on here should get the patch notes as a news item for all to see (and moan about)

 #5 - Posted by: StarFox (Member) on 06-17-2008 at 03:36

Since the patch wil not fix most part of the gameplay, I will for one not be playing KW after the patch. I'll be more looking forward to RA3 as that fixes the issues that made CNC3 a failure. Hopefully they'll also step away from gamespy.

 #6 - Posted by: Imperial_Scout_Trooper (Member) on 06-17-2008 at 09:49

I only play SP since I don't see the fun in MP since all ppl do is rush rush rush.

 #7 - Posted by: hagren (Staff) on 06-17-2008 at 18:51

Jamie05: No need for that before the patch is actually here. Starfox: Like the economy and the support power system?

 #8 - Posted by: gamechaser002 (Member) on 06-17-2008 at 20:21

i can't play the game for a couple of weeks while i gather the money for a power supply upgrade (this would allow for a video card upgrade) well i mean i CAN...but ONLY global domination...my current graphics engine crashes with anything else...i know i should know better than to run on integrated non-nvidia/ati graphics, but that's what i got right now...i don't plan on living with it forever (thank god)

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