Zero Hour: Unleashed - September Update!

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Zero Hour: Unleashed

Zero Hour Unleashed is an enhancement modification to Zero Hour, containing many new units, other features will include realistic changes to the Damage System regarding weapons and their affect on the health of units, and improvements to FX efffects.

The September Media Update gives us 2 units to play with. The Eisenhower and the Vulture, I'll give a description of both.

M6 Eisenhower

The US Marine Corps is all about peace through superior firepower, taking out the bad guys before they can take out the Marines, and throughout their history they have proven that they are well capable of that. In the 21st Century, this is no different. Deploying the only real heavy tank in the entire arsenal of the US Military where other sides use advanced medium tanks like the Paladin at best, the Marines can apply "superior firepower" like never before. The M6 Eisenhower is a powerful assault tank that serves as the core of Marine field operations. While the Westmoreland is a highly versatile vehicle perfectly suited for urban warfare, the Eisenhower has no match amongst American tanks when it comes to sheer weight of fire. Its dual cannons are among the most powerful guns the US has - and that's counting artillery and naval weapons as well. It also comes with a powerful machine gun turret cupola, allowing the Eisenhower to engage and defeat small numbers of infantry easily. And when faced with larger numbers of enemy troops, it can use its side-mounted grenade launchers to fire a thick volley of fragmentation grenades, showering the target area with shrapnel, killing any infantry unfortunate enough to be out in the open. The Eisenhower is, of course, heavily armoured, but slower than most other American vehicles.

GLA Vulture

Realising that air superiority may be a war-winning feature after all, and that ground-based AA is not exactly the best way to achieve this, the GLA grudgingly decided to build up an airforce of its own. In a short while, however, this reluctance turned to outright joy and praise for their wise decision, since their aircraft allowed them to strike far beyond their earlier range of operations, and allowed them to easily destroy infidel ground forces from the skies. One of the most celebrated aircraft in the GLA hangars is the Vulture heavy fighter-bomber; it is the prime example of why the GLA central command is so overjoyed with their new asset. While of course slower than modern jet fighters, the Vulture makes up for this with increased armour protection and a powerful weapons load. Its primary weapons are its eight heavy unguided rockets which it uses to destroy hostile ground targets easily, while its quadruple 30mm autocannons make short work both of infantry and light vehicles as well as any jets that happen to stray too close. Finally, it has a dual machine gun turret that, while it packs less punch than the 30mils, is still capable of laying the smack on enemy jet jockies by engaging them from no matter what angle. More information:

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