Command & Conquer: Generals
8 Players

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8 Players Leave No Man Behind

Players: 2-8 Theme: Urban Size: Large Resources: Medium Description: This map is based off the movie Black Hawk Down. Resembling...


8 Players High Altitude

A large desert based map which features a plethora of high points which gives the gameplay a more defencive feel, although with various larg...


8 Players Mediterranian Melee

Tech: 8 Balance: 7 Quality: 10 FunFactor: 9 Stability: 6 Creativity: 8 Item Placement: 9 Size vs. Usefulness: 10 Installation Instru...


8 Players Sing - Just the three of us

This is an interesting 8 player map. Each player has more than enough room to build. there are three players at each side of this rectangula...


8 Players Battle Island 2

Great 8 plaver map. Lots of tech spread around the map. The ai is fully enabled so it makes good for a online or skrimish battle.


8 Players Trans-Sibirian Railroad

This is another great map from Bot Z. No AI so it makes good for a online or network battle. Great for 4v4 online, and many suprises.


8 Players Desert Death By Night

This is a very weird map from the makers of alpha wing mod. Hope u like it


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8 Players Godlands Pro

This is Godlands revised by AskiKaOwnzYou, for online play, it does not include the askika skirmish Superior Scripts, developed over one yea...


8 Players Mountains and Long River

A very detailed snow environment, with a river following through the middle, has enough tech buildings for everyone. It's a 4v4 map. For Gen...


8 Players Hilltop Town

Hilltop Town is a slightly bland, eight player map for Zero Hour that may have some wanting more. Detail- Hilltop Town has a very barren...


8 Players Green Cross

Green Cross is an eight player map very similar to other maps such as Whiteout or Forest Avalanche, it's a basic and straight forward map....


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