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Videos Four Ideas For C&C 4

Here is a short video created by puzzabug. It contains his opinion on a few features which should be included in the future C&C games. Any...


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Videos Dommination Mod Hydrogen Bomb Effect

A short video showing the cool new Hydrogen Bomb effect for the Domination Mod.


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Videos C&C's Most Useless Units

PCNC's blockbuster summer movie for 2006, in "C&C's Most Useless Units", HeXetic explores some of C&C's somewhat less useful units. Hilarity...


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Videos Temple of Nod Excavation Site Video

This video from Nyerguds was shown in the credits of Command & Conquer, and shows how a piece of the Temple of Nod is excavated and put in a...


Videos GLA Promotional Video

Join the GLA! Here is a recruiting video to influence you to bring justice and free the people!


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Videos Cold War Crisis - Advent Video

The Cold War Crisis team have put together a little video for everyone. It's a redone version of their christmas "present" to everyone, and...


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Videos Final Four Entries

March Madness Anyone? We are down to the final four entries for the contest! Take a look at never-before-seen video clips of the final four...


Videos Cannons of Doom

Here is a very neat animation of Chinese Nuke Cannons. According to the author, the cannons are destroying his school, and that's something...