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Mods Souped Up China Mod for Generals

This mod is intended for playing the single player China campaign or skirmishes.


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Mods For the Fly Boys v1.5

This file contains American aircraft changes. They include: raptors reloading in the air, stealth fighters having mini-nukes, and commanche...


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Mods Really Mixed

A mod for Command and Conquer Generals (not Zero Hour). There are too many changes to explain them all, but there are a few listed below.


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Mods Samous Mini Mods

This mod edits the upgrades to be less costly, and much faster. Can be combined with any of my other mini mods SO FAR! Read the readme to fi...


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Mods Samous Mini Mod 1

This mod edits the rank to give a quicker rank, and more points, and it also edits the weapons to be stronger and faster. Can be combined wi...


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Mods Samous Mini Mod 2

This mod edits the armor of units to be stronger, and more resistant. It also edits the speed of the units to be much faster. Can be combine...


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Mods Mod Bataille Navale

This mod have new units buildings for the boats.


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Mods Blitzkrieg 3 Fortress Europe

Blitzkrieg II is a World War 2 total conversion for Command and Conquer: Generals. It will change all the existing buildings and units as we...


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Mods Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Mod New Strike ZH

Latest 1.5 version with 3 new generals and other changes to gameplay: - USA Special Forces General - CHINA Hacker General - GLA Mob General


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L'ide du mod est partie il y a maintenant 4 ans la sortie du jeu de command and conquer generals un groupe de jeune et moins jeune c'est la...


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Mods Impact Zone

USSF united state special force go to the war in iraq usa attacie syria & iran for oil


Units Shippack (Battleship and Hovercraft)

This "Mod" gives the USA side 2 ships. You'll be able to build a Battleship and an Amphibious Transporter in your American WarFactory. In...


Units GLA Mod

The mod changes too many units in too many ways to list it all, suffice it to say that the only units that remain the same for GLA are the h...


Units Crusader Mod

Changes Crusader back to original crusader with hover upgrade.


Units New Tech Mod R1

Holy crap this is a huge pack of stuff! First of all, you get ships in this mod. And, to prevend them being used on land, you must use a...


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Units New Tech Mod

Changes since previous version: Scaling The 'infantry units' (including civilians) have been scaled down to a more releastic siz...


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Units Gunrun

Erm, it's fun for the one's that love playing with thousands of heli's and tanks. I loved to play it, but i think it will get pretty dumb af...


Units All Unit Update Mod

4 new planes for America (B52 Bomber, A10Thunderbolt, NukeJetCargo, Mig2)! 1 new gattling Trooper for America (Seal)! 1 new toxin trooper...


Units New Tech Mod

New Units: U.S. Units Battleship Weapons6 Artillery Cannons RangeExtreme ArmourHigh Speed...


Units Gun Run

Features of the Gunrun Mod: 1) Maximum cash limit; 999,999 credits while battling 2) "Realistic" building armor and unit power 3)...


Units Super America Mod

Quite frankly I think this mod was a bit pointless. The modder decided that he thought the USA was underpowered and souped them up. The only...


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Units Project Raptor

(This mode comes with a text editor, when you use it for the first time it will place a text file in your INI folder called Editor, for gene...


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Units Project Raptor

This mod increases the power of the USA. It increases the patriots clip size to 8. It reduces the price of the strategy center, build rate a...


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Units X-Treme Mod

This mod includes: 1. POW Truck with troop carrier 2. Stealth bomber with artillary shells, More health and more ammunition 3. Raptor...