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Patches Operation: Restore Justice Patch

This is the official Restore Justice v1.0C patch... The 1.0C patch fixes the following errors... Broken online multiplayer cap...


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Patches Operation: Restore Justice Patch

The RJ v1.0D mini-patch has been released. Get it here. V1.0D will be the last "1.0" version until "1.1" is released. Version 1.1 will be a...


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Patches Imperial Assault v0.82 Patch

This is the patch for Imperial Assault v0.8 and should fix some of the bugs and add a few features needed.


Patches Shockwave Patch

This is a patch to the Shockwave v.9 modification for Generals Zero Hour.


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Patches Epic Generals Patch 1.02

This is the PATCH!! It requires the Mod to work!!! Here is a mod for the orginal Command and conquer Generals that adds more large sca...


Patches C&C Generals Unofficial Patch

This mod fixes many bugs like the Scud Storm sound bug and increases the damage that Jarmen Kell does to vehicles.


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Patches SoupedUp Generals Mod Patch

Here is a patch for the mod SoupedUp. It fixes a bug which can cause the game to crash and has added/tweaked some additional things.