Command & Conquer: Generals

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All Files In This Category
Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
American Tank Skins The Ghost 313KB 2,914
Camo Mobius AlphaLeader2 58KB 213
Terminator - Colonel Burton Guest 10KB 207
Sidewalk Death Luckie 287KB 255
Inferno Cannon Luckie 158KB 415
Swiss Town 100 Luckie 290KB 248
Dogfight 100 Luckie 266KB 474
Red Army redarmy 314KB 4,060
USA Desert Pack killakanz 435KB 4,809
Shacks Cameo Skin Pack Shack 128KB 2,636
Generals coalition soldier Oldmanfunk 53KB 2,688
China Infantry Skins OzCommander 29KB 3,373
GLA Infantry Skins OzCommander 30KB 5,813
USA Infantry Skins OzCommander 12KB 5,113
Nazi Infantry Oldmanfunk 218KB 1,163
WW2 Infantry Oldmanfunk 80KB 2,321
Sand Stealth Fighter Guest 70KB 794
Generals Infantry Skins Shack 42KB 1,779
Cameo Skin Set Shack 72KB 1,787
GLA Rebel Update Shack 12KB 2,317
American Ghost AslynII 2.08MB 2,847
Sam Fisher Snipy 952KB 2,370
USA Skin Pack AslynII 1.09MB 3,040
Red army version 2.0 redarmy 772KB 5,245
GSG-9 Assault Team Oldmanfunk 354KB 1,069
Tibernian Sun Infantry Oldmanfunk 63KB 565
US H2 Medic Snipa2oo3 1.48MB 488
UK Special Forces Ranger KeTcH2k4 78KB 392
Pathfinder Oldmanfunk 106KB 1,460
U.S Infantry Skins Fallen_Crusader 789KB 5,735
Mercan merthecan 10KB 165
Night SAS KeTcH2k4 36KB 541
Mercan Noman merthecan 10KB 227
Black Hawk Down Skin Pack _Wraith_ 3.31MB 1,286
Snow Skins Sgt. Pflugfelder 1.77MB 637
Marine Dress Uniform Sgt. Pflugfelder 1.73MB 374
American Forest Camo Tank Skins =7th E's ChibiKrillin= 1.06MB 1,593
Col. Burton Navy SEAL Skins Sgt. Pflugfelder 335KB 1,888
Iraq Camo Unit Skins Sgt. Pflugfelder 3.16MB 1,688
American Forest Camo Tank Skins =7th E's ChibiKrillin= 1.82MB 2,112
USA Generals Skin Pack hugo garza 912KB 678
Night Aurora The Revolutionary 173KB 680
All Infantry Skin Zim-[Felin] 394KB 2,828
Mercan Hurika mercanair 7KB 260
Mercan's 2005 Review mercanair 201KB 329
Nod Soldier Skin Conscript 8KB 591
Realistic Desert Skin Pack The Geek With The Gun 1.68MB 558
Predator Command Bar Predator 958KB 2,152