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Units Red Army

These files can give a sign of chinese air force on your mig, change china infantry's uniform and mig's skin.


Units USA Desert Pack

This skin pack puts desert cammo on the Ranger, Missile Defender, Hummer, Ambulance, Crusader Tank, Paladin Tank and the Tomahawk Missile La...


Units Shacks Cameo Skin Pack

Skins Are... China's Red Guard China's Tank Hunter China's Hacker Gla's Worker Gla's Rebel Gla's Rpg trooper Gla's Terrorist...


Units Generals coalition soldier

This is a skin for the USA ranger and i have 3 words for it : Simple but nice ! (3 words + ! :P)


Units China Infantry Skins

These skins will change china's infantry and make them a little less cartoon looking by changing some of the colour on soldiers like yellow...


Units GLA Infantry Skins

These skin will make GLA infantry more like the taliban/al-qa-ida style troops that are seen in photos and concept art of the game.


Units USA Infantry Skins

These skins will change the ranger and missile defenders so that they look more like modern soldiers you see in todays army.


Units Nazi Infantry

These skins will change china's infantry (Red Guard, Hacker and Tank Hunter) and make them resemble the SS of the Nazi Army. Installation...


Units WW2 Infantry

These skins will change infantry and make them resemble some of the soldiers of WW2.


Units Sand Stealth Fighter

A stealth fighter in a sand type camoflage.


Units Generals Infantry Skins

These are Skins for CnC Generals Skins are for China's Red Guard China's Tank Hunter China's Hacker And Gla's Worker The skins a...


Units Cameo Skin Set

Skins are the US ranger, and missle defender, the Gla rebel, rpg trooper, stinger soldier, and terrorist. Finally, this includes a redone ta...


Units GLA Rebel Update

Turns the GLA rebel into something more resembling the icon.


Units American Ghost

This gives most of the US units the new USMC woodland camouflage. It also changes Colonel Burton into Ghost from Starcraft.


Units Sam Fisher

A skin of Sam Fisher from Splinter's Cell for Colonel Burton.


Units USA Skin Pack

This gives most of the units in the US Army the new Marine style camouflage.


Units Red army version 2.0

A very nice skin for all the Chinese units ! It gives them a jungle look that is very cool. It's worth the download. Redarmy, keep up the go...


Units GSG-9 Assault Team

A nice detailed skin demonstrating a German special forces team. Shame really that the game isn't designed to handle this much detail and t...


Units Tibernian Sun Infantry

Looks totally like a cyber dude. lol. His pretty lost there in the game, i won't be surprised he ends up shooting with a pulse rifle gun. I...


Units US H2 Medic

Simply replaces the US Medic skin with that of the US H2 medic skin.


Units UK Special Forces Ranger

This replaces the US Ranger skin with a desert camouflage uniform brandishing St. George's flag on the arms.


Units Pathfinder

A skin for the sniping pathfinders. they now come equip with a ghille! now that makes more sense. snipers now look just like a bush, strain...


Units U.S Infantry Skins

now finally we have our first Zero:Hour skins up!! its bloody awesome i tell ya, check out the potd here. that is a picture of one of the sn...


Units Mercan

A Generals skin for the USA Marines, it's not a superb or anything model, a simple one if your plain sick of the original ones. As the deve...


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