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BIG Tools Big X Tractor

This program allows you to view and extract .big files. Changes since previous version: - Added overwrite confirmations - Added sup...


BIG Tools Final Big Editor

Extract, View, and Edit files inside of both Generals and Zero Hour .big files. Very handy for mod makers. There a ton of changes betwee...


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CSF Files CSF Editor

This program enables you to edit .CSF files. CSF files display as EVA text and other text within Generals. Check the readme below for more...


Mapping Tools Terrain Elevator

This is a tool for importing elevation data from 8bit greyscale raw bitmaps to an uncompressed C&C Generals .map file. It was written becau...


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Mapping Tools World Builder Editor Tutorial

This is the official map / mod editor tutorials from EA Pacific for the World Builder editor that comes with Command and Conquer: Generals....


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Mapping Tools MG Studios Map Manager

This is a nifty little program that is connected to the central map database of the Mapper Gui...


INI Tools CCG Ini Editor

Here's a small ini editor for Command & Conquer Generals by Sledgehammer.


INI Tools INI-File Viewer

Note: There's also a.NET Version of this tool available Click here to get the .NET version New in Versio...


INI Tools INI-File Viewer .NET Release

Note: This is the .NET Version. Means you'll have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your machine. Click h...


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INI Tools CCG INI Editor

Updates since previous version: ** v.0.5.9 Fixed som bugs.. New: Setup in the edit menu. New: Toolbar.


INI Tools Basic INI File Editor

This INI editor reads all ini files and allows you to edit them inside of it. Quite basic in it's operation, it is useful for searches.


INI Tools Basic INI File Editor

An improvement on the Basic INI File Editor. Now with autosave!


INI Tools Zero Hour Mod Manager 1.2

Here's a very handy mod swapper returning with version 1.1. It's more user-friendly in the way that it more automates the way to generate yo...


INI Tools Zero Hour Mod Manager 1.3

If you're tired of copying files to apply mods, this is definitely for you. Just double-click on a mod to activate it. ZHMM uses a simpl...


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