Abominable Snowmen

abominablesnowmen11.zip —


This is a simple single player missino for original Generals (not Zero Hour). It was made mainly to test a map.ini that makes attack snowmen in Generals.

It is a GLA vs China mission. To win, just destroy the enemy.



Put the folder in My DocumentsCommand and Conquer Generals DataMaps


Capture the civilian Ter oil outpost to build snowmen and upgrades. That type of building can also heal nearby snowmen. Your workers can also build it.

There is a bug that prevents black lotus from capturing buildings for about a minute from the start of the game. Just keep trying until she is able to.

The oil depot can build 2 types of snowmen:

Gattling Snowman - starts with technical weapon, can be upgraded to have gattlings and flashbang.

Stinger snowman - has stinger anti-air and ground missiles, and can be upgraded to laser missiles.

The upgrades affect the snowmen as follows:

Camoflage - makes them stealthed when not moving or firing

Junk repair - snowmen move faster and autorepair

AP bullets - Gattling snowmen get gattling gun (range 150) and anti-air gattling gun (range 350) and flashbangs. Use the contaminate ground button to fire flashbangs at a spot on the ground.

AP rockets - +25% damage to stinger missiles, and stinger snowman gets laser guided missiles ability.

The snowmen are especially vulnerable to incendiary weapons, and will melt when flamed. Keep other snowmen away from the melted snowmen as the water makes them melt too.

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