All About Oil

All About Oil Very nicely done map. As you can see on the first picture below it's all about a central village / oil field. A whoppi...


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All About Oil Very nicely done map. As you can see on the first picture below it's all about a central village / oil field. A whopping 16 oil derricks are to be claimed, might it be obvious that the one that can claim them and keep them will pwn everyone :) However, there are 2 supply stations and 3 oil derricks at everyone´s base, and 2 more in between every base (check the first screenie) so you don´t necessarily have to waste all your units on capturing the center area or defending it. Some very sneaky tactic I have to suggest here :) GLA and USA should allie. Have a chinook drop a worker over the river on the enemies "lot" and build some tunnel networks and a second base. While the enemy is trying to take center, you crush their base the sneaky way :D Anyway, great map although 3 oil derricks less in each base (hence, none) and loosing the supply stations in between the bases would have made this map much more fun as it´ll make you want center much more. But for people that just love having more cash than they can spend on nuke silo´s, this is your map for sure! Awesome map for a first try :thumbsup:

Players: 4 AI Enabled: Yes Oil Derricks: 28 !!! Oil Refineries: 0 Hospitals: 0 Supply Docks: 17 Supply Piles: A lot! Bunkers: Some Civilian Buildings: All focused in the center town / oil field

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Name: All about Oil
Size:2.1meg unzippped

This is my first map , And a huge one too!!. I have spent a lot of time making the map fun for both multiplayer and skirmish (AI)triggers included)
A epic battle can take place here with enought resourse for 4 Generals to battle it out, The centre of the map house`s the
oil field/village with a ring of oil derricks,towers & Bunkers which also are indesructable(but capturable many times over, Ensuring a long
and steady supply of funds to whoever holds the Oil field. Extra supply piles are located in the four dunes which seperate the players bases
so much greedy fighting will take place.And each player also has their own 3 derricks back at their base, Hijackable vehicle have been placed 
aroung the map also with extra tiny supply stash for whoever finds them. I plan on making more maps please give me your feedback on idea`s and constructive
criticism to [email protected]

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