Alpha Squad

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Alpha Squad has been pinned down in iraq your job it to eliminate This Threat.

Alpha SquadFor Generals Only Not Zero Hour

Created By Conquer187



Alpha Squad        For Generals Only Not Zero Hour

Created By Conquer187

This Is A Map Is About A Group Of Us Soliders Called The Alpha Squad
Pinned Down In A Prison Camp Your Job Is to Hold Your Position Till
Chinese Reinforcements Arrive But Dont Leave The Camp Till The Scud Lancher Veichal Appers Wen It Does Send Cornel Burton To Destroy It.

After That Destroy Rest Of Gla Forces Then To Get MOney Capture 
Oil Derrecks Just A Little South Frome Your Base.

Then There Will Be A Gla Elite Camp Destroy It Or Use It against The Gla.

There Will Be A Dozer And A Paladin Tank Sent Infantry To Capture 

The go To The Rest Of The Gla Units Kill The U Will See Humvee,s 
Coming Then 1 Min Later ampishion Boats To Take You Over The Over Side 
But Watch Out The Gla Are Well Dug In They Have Stinger Sites.

Then Just Destroy The Rest Of The Gla

Please If You Want To Mod This Map Contact me at my email
[email protected]

And Give Credit It Took Me Hours To Build Yhis Map

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