American Forest Camo Tank Skins



This is a good skin set works for only american sides. Changes the skins to most USA vehicles not inf. just most of the vehicles. Read the Readme for more info on the skins and how to use them.



American Forest Camo Tank Skins
By: =7th E's ChibiKrillin=
E-mail Addy: [email protected] or [email protected]
Released: 02/24/04


I made these skins because I thought the bland pale color of the 
American tanks was...well...bland. I didn't see any tank skins for
Generals so I decided I would make some. Basically I took some camo
patterns off of google and kinda slapped them on there so they aren't
the best looking tanks in the world but I think they work nicely. Plus
you can't tell the minor problems with them from farther away.

If you want to edit my skins go ahead. Do whatever you want with them
I don't care. Go around parading that their yours and you made them. As
long as it makes you happy :)

To Install: unzip them to your Generals/art/textures directory.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to
contact me at [email protected] or at www.7thes.com on the

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