Amphibious Stinger Bases

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This was originally ment as a proof-of-concept but was changed to become a full singleplayer map.

You start out with a super-small build area and have to build the few building you can in order to maintain a steady cash flow. In the meantime you have to build defences mostly in the form of firebases to repell the incominge GLA forces. They, however, will first appear once the water withdraws. But be careful. The water will come back.

Now the firebases have a rather unique upgrade: They can start hovering over water. Also when you buy the upgrade it will get 4 rocket soldiers wich combined with the artillery from the firebase make a rather effective attack unit.

Once you figure out the strategy on how to win it won't take you long to defeat the enemy, but until then I'd say that this is a map with a ok funfactor.



Amphibious Stinger Bases
by beng

This is a single player mision for CnC Generals Zero Hour.

Put the "Amphibious Stinger Bases" directory in:
\My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\Maps\

The USA has acquired new technology that enables their firebases to hover over sea or land.
The bunker upgrade will give them this ability. It will also load them with 4 stinger soldiers.
The GLA also have a few tricks up their sleve.

Be careful that your vehicles do not get trapped by the tide.

If your stinger soldiers die you can buy the upgrade again to load 4 more.
Your Crusaders and Paladins can be upgraded by salvaging junk.
Some GLA units will leave special crates when killed.

v1.2 fixes a bug with the Crusaders firing backwards when upgraded twice.

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