An Act of War



Since the AAOW team has been slowed down by RealLife, they decided to release their latest working copy of An Act of War. It includes an almost complete USA side, and the start of an Iraq side.

You may have guessed by now, it's set in the middle east, present era. There's a big fight going on between Iraq and USA! And Iraq has increased military capabilities to be competitive.

The Iraq side is incomplete, so I will review the USA side. It has new models for almost everything, new buildings, new superweapons, new upgrades, and even new voices! The new music fits the mood very well, imagine what you would hear setting up a blockade on a road in Baghdad.

And you can do exactly that with the new buildings! Set up a checkpoint and watch your enemies crumble as they waste their forces against it.

There may be future releases of this mod, but the team is slowing down, and can't promise them. If you want some accurate modern USA battles, try this out now!


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