Anthrax Fortress

Cool looking map. Lots of fun, especially if you like island hopping.

Players: 4 AI Enabled: Yes Oil Derricks: Many Oil Refineries: F...


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Cool looking map. Lots of fun, especially if you like island hopping.

Players: 4 AI Enabled: Yes Oil Derricks: Many Oil Refineries: Few Hospitals: Few Supply Docks: Some Supply Piles: Some Civilian Buildings: Few Bunkers: None

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Author: Hogmark ([email protected])
Date: 2003-03-26

This map is part of Minken's Skirmish Pack for Command & Conquer Generals
Five 4-player skirmish maps by Hogmark ([email protected])
Created with WorldBuilder 0.8 Ā© Electronic Arts Inc.
These maps can be downloaded at

Unzip to your Command & Conquer Generals Maps folder
(My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Data\Maps)


* About
This is my first map. When I create a map I always start with an initial height of 64,
but this map I started just above the water level, which make some parts look too flat,
in my opinion. Actually, I had no clue how to apply textures when I started working on 
this one - and when I finally found that nifty paint brush I couldn't help myself but
painting a lot! The result was a few 3-way blended textures which isn't really optimal. 

* Layout
The map consists of a number of islands, connected through bridges or roads. Each player 
start in a corner of the map. There are two entrances to each base. The central part of 
the map is a volcanic island - a huge crater. It's a terrorist outpost for production of 
anthrax, now under UN surveilance. There is a scud storm site in the middle of it that 
players can capture to launch a blasting early surprise after four minutes of playing. 
There are also other very valuable buildings on the central island; a particle cannon, 
an oil derrick, an oil refinery, a hospital, GLA barracks and arms dealer, and a black 
market. However, it will be hard to hold the central parts against several enemies.
There are a few buildlngs throughout the map for your rocket soldiers to occupy, and 
there are some civilian cars for your GLA suiciders too.

* Supplies
Each base starts out with one supply dock, and three suply piles. Beside the central 
treasures, each base has the same distance to additional oil derricks, and some UN 
supplies. There is a supply drop zone on the central island as well, but I don't think 
it is capturable. It contributes to the overall look of the map, with the C130 aircraft 
sweeping overhead.

* Strategies
Since large portions of the map consists of water, a strong airforce is a plus. However, 
it would take quite some time to build, and there is not a lot of space where you start 
out for those airfields. Securing the bridges and water crossings with bunkers and 
artillery works very well. You can even rush to middle to capture the scud site, but I 
can promise it won't go unnoticed. You would also have to wait before you could launch 
it if you are too quick. If you manage to hold the central parts, you have a great 
advantage. Capture the GLA arms dealer and you can produce more vehicles without 
building further. The mountain sides can be protected from the top of the hills with 
anti-air forces. It can be difficult to launch an attack on the ground due to the narrow 
water crossings.

* AI
The AI works ok with this map but not great. One starting position sometimes have troubles 
(I think lower left corner) but the other three work as intended. Your base may be attacked 
from both sides, depending on what path the computer choses. The central island is 
considered a key position, and the computer will send tanks to guard it early in the game. 
Both oil derricks and the hospital are known to be captured by the computer. The scud storm 
and other buildings are not.

Feel free to distribute this map any way you like!
You download and install this map at your own risk.
Comments or suggestions to: [email protected]


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